Thursday, 25 April 2013

A5 Osterley - A Bit Of A Dispointment

I have for a while been eyeing up the lovely looking A5 Osterley and finally ordered one from Filofax.

It arrived today and with much excitement I opened the box and unwrapped this lovely looking thing!  I have to say it's a beautiful binder. It oozes quality and begs to be touched.

A little background - my Filofax is my workbook and I keep lots of notes in it about the various projects I look after.  I don't want an organiser that's already full with no room for expansion. I need space to add more notes.  I use a day per page diary from WH Smith as I need a sort of free-form planner. The Filofax diaries are no good for me as I have more tasks each day than I do appointments.

The first test - does it really lie flat on my desk - YES!! This is important as my Filofax is always open on my desk and I must have it laying flat!!

Now for the acid tests. I held off buying it for a while as I was concerned whether 25mm diameter rings would be enough.  I kept convincing myself that I would cut down my diary sheets and would easily fit everything within it... or so I thought. 

The first issue I have (because of my personal preference) is the 25mm ring diameter.  It seems it will not be enough now that I've seen it.  I will have to stick to binders with 30mm rings. However, I would be happy to keep it but for my second issue.

The pen loops - for some unknown reason the designer has put them on the top and bottom inside the right hand cover.  Why? Why? Why?!?! The loops (even when empty) catch the paper or worse make the paper rise up.  This in itself makes the binder look full!

The loops are in the way! Put them back to where they belong - on the left & right vertical sides out of harms way! 

I can see no reason to keep it as the pen loops would get on my nerves and I would end up cutting them off! Sacrilege I can hear you cry! Exactly!! I don't want to pay all that money for a binder only to vandalise it!!

So it's going back :( Shame but reluctantly I have no choice.

One thing that does concern me is the majority of the Filofax A5 binders now have 25mm diameter rings. The 30mm rings are fast disappearing.  Although I might now sell my Maldon A5 (with 30mm rings) and buy a Finsbury - I much prefer the stiffer covers.  Anyone want to buy it? lol

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Franklin Covey Binder

Over the years I've used many different planner systems and binders. I did use the Franklin Covey system for a while but I always end up returning to Filofax!

However, I've kept this binder as it was too good to part with. Maybe I thought I would eventually return to it. Alas I doubt I ever will. I bought it because the Filofax Personal size binder has rings of 23mm and I was pushed to get everything in it. So this one has 25mm rings and that little extra space.....:)

Its a deep red full grain calf's leather. The pictures make it look brown I'm afraid! 

The front inside cover has 6 credit card slots as well as a vertical opening to take slips of paper etc. 

The rear inside cover has another vertical opening and also an expanding zipped pocket. As you can see there are two pen loops.

So maybe it's now time to part with it and let it go to a new home....perhaps...:)

Monday, 13 August 2012

What Diary Format?

I've often changed the diary sheet format in my Filofax but tend to use a day per page format from one supplier or another.

I do like the WH Smith 1 day per page format. It's not structured so I can write notes as I wish which suits me. I tend to have lots of "To Do" items and not many appointments.

I do use the appointments to carry out a particular task as at a set time but my job is pretty hectic and the best laid plans often go out the window!

Here is the WH Smith 1DPP format:
Blank 1PPD Diary

Here's what it looks like after I've been using it!

I use the fantastic Frixon pens - red for urgent, blue for normal and cyan for personal stiff.  Green highlighted means completed and yellow means in progress (I've started and hopefully will finish!!)

The (N) after a task indicates there is a note in my organiser to look at. (RMK) or (DWA) after a task indicates the initials of a person I need to discuss that task with.

The main issue is the paper quality - it's not good! I do prefer Filofax paper so I'm thinking of making up a template (when I have time) to print my own.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Decisions Decisions!

I thought I'd better get back to blogging again after so long never finding the time to do it!

I have read so much on Philofaxy about different paper sizes, formats, manufacturers so I will write up my experiences over the years. Keep watching......

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Filofax Malden Change

Well I have been using two Personal size Maldens for a while but I have to say I do need the A5 size for my life! 
So I have recently taken delivery of an A5 Ochre Malden and I love it!!! So I am going to buy another and sell both of the personal size ones I have.  I also have a personal size Chameleon which is unused and is for sale.

Anyone interested let me know! Otherwise they all go on E-Bay this week!
I'll update my blog with how I use the A5 size shortly.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another Malden!

Well what a day! After seeing a post on Philofaxy about 50% off all Filofax orders at City Organiser I rushed over to their website. Must have been a rush of blood to my head that made me do it. But I now have a nice crimson Personal Malden winging it's way to me!

Now I'll have to sell that Chameleon Personal Filofax I bought yesterday! Shame but for every down there's an up!!

I just keep looking at the beauty of it and can't wait to use it. Oh yes I have plans for this fine thing!! Will keep you posted!
Well for £1 postage costs it was worth it as it arrived today!! These are superb and I can't wait to set it up this evening. Here's a pic of it sitting on my desk at work and being introduced to my grey Malden! I'm sure they'll get on!

Cheap Filofax Chameleon

Just spotted the Filofax Chameleon Personal size at WH Smith's in Exeter at £32. Here's the proof! 

So I just HAD to get a nice bright red one to go alongside my Personal Malden which is in boring grey. Now having actually handled both, the Malden I think is better. But they are both good quality!

Maybe I should have bought the others and sold them on E-Bay!