Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Franklin Covey Binder

Over the years I've used many different planner systems and binders. I did use the Franklin Covey system for a while but I always end up returning to Filofax!

However, I've kept this binder as it was too good to part with. Maybe I thought I would eventually return to it. Alas I doubt I ever will. I bought it because the Filofax Personal size binder has rings of 23mm and I was pushed to get everything in it. So this one has 25mm rings and that little extra space.....:)

Its a deep red full grain calf's leather. The pictures make it look brown I'm afraid! 

The front inside cover has 6 credit card slots as well as a vertical opening to take slips of paper etc. 

The rear inside cover has another vertical opening and also an expanding zipped pocket. As you can see there are two pen loops.

So maybe it's now time to part with it and let it go to a new home....perhaps...:)


  1. She is a real beauty! You lucky person!

  2. That's why I've kept it until now!

  3. Let me know if you ever change your mind!

  4. That's why it's on here...to sell!

    1. Hi Timmo, are you still selling? I'd also like to know if this is an A5 size, and other particulars like how much you're asking for it, shipping fees, etc. Thank you :).

    2. I am still selling it. Where are you - in UK or abroad?
      I also have a selection of diary inserts for it.
      It's not A5 - it's the Compact size 4.25" x 6.75" in old money which is 108mm x 171mm.
      Almost the same height as Filofax Personal sheets but about 12mm wider.

    3. I was hoping it was an A5 :(.

      But then...I looked around your blog and saw that you have some Maldens - by any chance, are you wanting to rid yourself of any of them? I am located in BC, Canada.

  5. Replies
    1. No planning to get rid of the Maldens yet.....apart from the red one in Personal size. It didn't seem to hold as many pages as the grey one I still use.

  6. Prrrrrobably not gonna get another personal Malden, but how much is your asking price for the red one?

  7. I mean't the red one I previously sold. I've only the red Franklin Covey binder shown above.