Monday, 13 August 2012

What Diary Format?

I've often changed the diary sheet format in my Filofax but tend to use a day per page format from one supplier or another.

I do like the WH Smith 1 day per page format. It's not structured so I can write notes as I wish which suits me. I tend to have lots of "To Do" items and not many appointments.

I do use the appointments to carry out a particular task as at a set time but my job is pretty hectic and the best laid plans often go out the window!

Here is the WH Smith 1DPP format:
Blank 1PPD Diary

Here's what it looks like after I've been using it!

I use the fantastic Frixon pens - red for urgent, blue for normal and cyan for personal stiff.  Green highlighted means completed and yellow means in progress (I've started and hopefully will finish!!)

The (N) after a task indicates there is a note in my organiser to look at. (RMK) or (DWA) after a task indicates the initials of a person I need to discuss that task with.

The main issue is the paper quality - it's not good! I do prefer Filofax paper so I'm thinking of making up a template (when I have time) to print my own.


  1. You could buy Paperchase blank or lined (I use squared) Filofax paper (but their own brand) and write the dates in?

  2. I think of using Filofax lined paper but it looks better to have a printed date (he says being a bit lazy!). I've made up an undated template to print on FF paper. But I will look at the Paperchase site.