Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Filofax Malden Change

Well I have been using two Personal size Maldens for a while but I have to say I do need the A5 size for my life! 
So I have recently taken delivery of an A5 Ochre Malden and I love it!!! So I am going to buy another and sell both of the personal size ones I have.  I also have a personal size Chameleon which is unused and is for sale.

Anyone interested let me know! Otherwise they all go on E-Bay this week!
I'll update my blog with how I use the A5 size shortly.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another Malden!

Well what a day! After seeing a post on Philofaxy about 50% off all Filofax orders at City Organiser I rushed over to their website. Must have been a rush of blood to my head that made me do it. But I now have a nice crimson Personal Malden winging it's way to me!

Now I'll have to sell that Chameleon Personal Filofax I bought yesterday! Shame but for every down there's an up!!

I just keep looking at the beauty of it and can't wait to use it. Oh yes I have plans for this fine thing!! Will keep you posted!
Well for £1 postage costs it was worth it as it arrived today!! These are superb and I can't wait to set it up this evening. Here's a pic of it sitting on my desk at work and being introduced to my grey Malden! I'm sure they'll get on!

Cheap Filofax Chameleon

Just spotted the Filofax Chameleon Personal size at WH Smith's in Exeter at £32. Here's the proof! 

So I just HAD to get a nice bright red one to go alongside my Personal Malden which is in boring grey. Now having actually handled both, the Malden I think is better. But they are both good quality!

Maybe I should have bought the others and sold them on E-Bay!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Malden Magic

Well after reading so much about the Filofax Malden on Philofaxy I wondered whether I should stick with my Kendall Personal & A5 binders...or not.....!  But temptation guided me to order a grey Personal Malden the very next day.

The parcel arrived the following afternoon and I eagerly opened the package and handled the Malden. It smelt nice and clearly is a binder of quality. The first thought that went through my mind was shall I get another!!!!

That evening I transferred everything from the Kendall to the Malden and took it to work the next day. I have to say that I was VERY impressed. 

I do need an organiser that lays flat on the desk as my job is mainly office based. I don't really want to fight the pages to get to the place I want!!! This did not disappoint me and I suspect it will become more flexible as I use it.

I also like the way the cover wraps and closes around the contents, especially when very full!!

I will add another blog about how I have used various Filofaxes over the years soon. In the meantime, Here are some pics - apologies for the quality!