Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another Malden!

Well what a day! After seeing a post on Philofaxy about 50% off all Filofax orders at City Organiser I rushed over to their website. Must have been a rush of blood to my head that made me do it. But I now have a nice crimson Personal Malden winging it's way to me!

Now I'll have to sell that Chameleon Personal Filofax I bought yesterday! Shame but for every down there's an up!!

I just keep looking at the beauty of it and can't wait to use it. Oh yes I have plans for this fine thing!! Will keep you posted!
Well for £1 postage costs it was worth it as it arrived today!! These are superb and I can't wait to set it up this evening. Here's a pic of it sitting on my desk at work and being introduced to my grey Malden! I'm sure they'll get on!


  1. I love my crimson too. It is perfect! The price has gone up on city organiser as I paid £39.84 for it 4 weeks ago. Cheeky!

  2. The postman has just handed me a jiffy bag from City Organiser.......